2020 in the Clinic

2020 in the Clinic

1. Saying Goodbye is always bitter sweet.

I would like to say goodbye to Cynthia and Congratulate her on her future endeavours. You joined my team 3 years ago, like this angel ready to help, knowing exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for the time, energy and care that you provided to my patients and I.
I’m sure that I am speaking for everyone when I say that we are so grateful and wish you a world of happiness and health.

2. I would like to welcome Sarine Hanser and Shannon McQuade to my tribe!

These inspiring women will be able to return your emails and phone calls more quickly than in the past. I am so grateful to have their support, enthusiasm and energy in the clinic. Shannon will be here to greet you on Mondays while Sarine will be here on Wednesdays and Fridays. Dr. Koch will be on her own on Saturdays.

3. New logistics in the clinic

  1.  To optimize efficiency and avoid error, we are requesting that all appointment requests, changes and cancellations be directed to the front desk at  (905) 853-5646 or on line at info@drjilankoch.com. You are also welcome to  make the changes through the Jane.app online.
  2. With all the means of communication today, (fb messenger, what’s app, text, email, calls, cell phone) things are bound to get missed. Now that Sarine and Shannon are here to help, please email or call the front desk regarding supplement pick up and orders. By having all the orders come through one portal we will reduce the likelihood for error.
  3. Travel slips are making a come back! If you have seen me in orangeville, these will be familiar to you. These are simply pieces of paper that you will take to the front desk, so Shannon and Sarine can help you better.
  4. In December, there was a record high of last minute cancellations and no shows, which prohibited many people from being able to come and see me. I am thrilled that I am serving so many people in our community, but this also means that a cancellation policy needs to be enforced. Please know that if there is a last minute cancellation or no show, you will be charged half of your appointment amount.

With growth comes change.

My goal for 2020 is to serve even more families in our community while continuing to meet you where you are at and provide you with with next level health care. I believe that when you are healthy, you can accomplish your goals and dreams, making this world an amazing place.
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