My favourite stocking stuffers

My favourite stocking stuffers

There is something so magical about Christmas morning. My kids wake earlier than their already early wake up time, full of excitement and ready for the magic that the day will bring. They plead and beg to open their stockings before breakfast is made, so we can do gifts after.
I would argue that stockings are their favourite part of Christmas…
I love putting in things that the kids don’t get often… this makes them feel super special!! Most are consumable, others give them a sense of autonomy and others are there for the environment. Here are my favourite stocking stuffers to pick from:
  1. All organic bath bubbles and salts
  2. Organic dark chocolate Christmas brittle and Natural gum
  3. Natural candles and essential oils
  4. Gift cards (books and experiences- toys when they were little, movies, skate park drop in passes)
  5. Chapstick
  6. Metal straws
  7. Hand cream or skin care products
  8. Makeup
  9. Hair gel
  10. Natural nail polish and remover

My kids are growing up and it’s a beautiful process to witness. But with all the “products” out there, I want to make organic, clean products the only option for them. I think about this from an environmental standpoint as well as from a toxicology stand point. Imagine that what they expose themselves to now, will impact their hormones, fertility and health risks in the future. If I can give them the gift of self love and self care, hopefully they will learn to do the same for themselves and for others. There’s magic in that!!!

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